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Surviving and Thriving During the ‘Great Restructuring’

One of the key themes mentioned in Deep Work is the idea of the Great Restructuring, or the re-definition of the workplace due to the advent of things like automation or artificial intelligence.  It’s not a new concept – for years, we’ve been hearing about the oncoming shifts in the workforce, caused by everything from […]

Good Will Hunting and the Shaolin Monk – Learning New Things Fast

People love certain ideas about genius.  One of their favorite concepts is that of the born genius, the person with the innate ability to learn facts and data and complex things in minutes where it would take the normal person weeks or months or years to master the same things.  Another favorite is that of […]

The Superstar Effect

There are a bunch of reasons why Deep Work is as or more important now than ever. In an age where access to talent isn’t really an issue, access to the most talented becomes more important. First, let’s remember Cal Newport’s definition of Deep Work – essentially, deep work is work which requires consistent, focused […]

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